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We are so afraid to feel things. Especially pain. We try to numb ourselves by distracting with drinks, drugs, and even entertainment.This consumer culture is all we consume so we do not need to feel anything real. Pain is important for us to feel and we can not drown it out with distractions because it will not fade away. Maybe pain never goes away but we need to learn how to feel it in order to deal with it. The main reason is not because we should always be suffering but so we can truly feel love. If we do not feel pain we can never feel the infinite joy of love. So open yourself up to all of the feelings; pain, love, and everything else.Once you do that you are alive.
Monisha Gera ( aka  The Mysterious Mo-Gera)

Earth’s Inner Core Might Be Weaker Than We Thought



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It’s like Edison said: If you want to have a great idea, have a lot of them. Or like Macklemore puts it, the greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint, they were great because they painted a lot. Or as Lui, the Medium writer, paraphrases This American Life host Ira Glass, “the best way to refine your craft is to create a huge volume of work. Not to create the most perfect piece you can, but to create many pieces of work.”